International research group releases consensus statement on concussion in sport


June 20, 2023

Key takeaways:
• The Concussion in Sport Group released a consensus on strategies for sport-related concussion prevention and treatment.
• Researchers also emphasized areas that require more research.
Researchers from the Concussion in Sport Group have released a consensus on sport-specific strategies for concussion prevention and treatment, according to a statement published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
The consensus was developed from the processes and outcomes of the International Conference on Concussion in Sport, which was held in October 2022 in Amsterdam.
In the statement, researchers updated the definition of sport-related concussion (SRC), proposed strategies for SRC prevention, recommended policy and rule changes to reduce collisions and promote neuromuscular training and health. They updated strategies for return to sport and rehabilitation after SRC.
“This consensus process also integrated new features including a focus on the para athlete, the athlete’s perspective, concussion-specific medical ethics and matters related to both athlete retirement and the potential long-term effects of SRC, including neurodegenerative disease,” researchers wrote in the statement.
“This statement summarizes evidence-informed principles of concussion prevention, assessment and management and emphasizes those areas requiring more research,” they concluded.

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