February 4, 2023

Phantom roughing the passer calls may soon have company if the NFL gets its way. The No Fun League is reportedly looking into eliminating “hip-drop” tackles.

What’s next, no more diving for the pylon?

If you’re not familiar with hip-drop tackles, you’re not alone. It’s essentially a, wait for it…tackle!

Big J journalists describe it as a player tackling another player from behind and while doing so, rolling onto their legs and/or ankles. Like I said, a tackle.

Patrick Mahomes suffered a high ankle sprain as the result of this type of tackle and that has a bunch of nerds scurrying to ban the play.

But let’s be real nerds, the only thing that can truly hurt Patrick Mahomes, is Jackson Mahomes. When are we going to pound the table to ban his TikToks?

Alright, back to the matter at hand, or is it at hip?

“I think it’ll be a very active offseason conversation, to look at the mechanism,” NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills told The Washington Post. “Obviously the ‘hip-drop’ tackle is not the only cause of high ankle sprains. There are certainly other factors.”

Hip-Drop Will Be Looked At By NFL

It’s no secret the league wants to protect their damn-near $50 million-per-year franchise quarterbacks. So chances of the hip-drop discussion falling by the wayside are about as likely as Deshaun Watson being named the featured speaker for a Houston area Massage Envy conference.

“We have noted that type of tackle that you mentioned,” Sills told the WaPo’s interviewer. “And I think it needs to be a very active discussion point, again, with the competition committee and others this season.”

Dr. Sills did not mention a specific time when the league would discuss the hip-drop tackle. Odds are, the tackle – which has existed seemingly since football commenced – will be discussed at next month’s annual NFL’s Annual League Meeting, held in Phoenix, Az.

At that time, the league can move closer to its end goal of the becoming the highest-compensated flag football league on the planet.

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