Equipment Graduate Assistant–Kent State University

Kent State University is looking for someone to join its family as an equipment GA performing two positions.   In the first year, they would be our football GA.  In this role, they would manage maintaining our helmets, student managers,  laundry operations and working with our recruiting director on equipment set ups.   In the second year, they would oversee several Olympic teams(Women’s Soccer, Women’s Field Hockey, Softball, M/W Track and Cross Country).  They would perform the following for these teams (manage laundry operations, prepare game uniforms for home and away competitions, order needed/requested equipment, work directly with coaches on team needs).  They would also hire student managers to assist them with day to day responsibilities.  All of these duties in the second year would be introduced during the spring semester of the first year while working with football during the spring semester.  Any questions or concerns can be sent to Clifton Ragin, Jr.([email protected]).

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